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Fratneral Order of Eagles Non-profit Organization

Who are the Eagles?

Our Slogan tells you what the Eagles are all about.

We are...  "People Helping People."

For a century, the FRATERNAL ORDER of EAGLES has been a major influence Internationally, Nationally, Regionally, in our States and Provinces, AND most of all... in our Communities.

It was the EAGLES who started Mother's Day, who provided the impetus for Social Security, who ended job discrimination based on age. Who've built training centers all over the world. Who raise millions of dollars every year to combat heart disease and cancer. Help handicapped kids, uplift the aged and otherwise make life a little brighter for people not as lucky and blessed as we are.

We uphold and nourish the values of Home, Family and Community that are so necessary and it seems so often today, so ignored and trampled in society.

We're town builders. We support our police and firefighters and others who protect and serve us. We fund research in areas such as Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. We help raise money for neglected and abused children and for the aged... we are the Eagles, and we are PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. We're volunteers and have fun volunteering.

Our praises have been sung by Presidents and Prime Ministers, but still today too many people wonder "WHO ARE THE EAGLES?" It's time to get out the word, WE ARE THE EAGLES! For over 100 years we have been leaders in the effort to make the world a brighter and better place for everyone.

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