Jimmy Durante
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Who is Jimmy Durante?

The Eagles have done a lot for many. The Aerie and Auxiliary Members, have every reason to be proud of our many accomplishments. I think that through our Jimmy Durante Children's Fund and child abuse project has come one of the greatest of all our achievements. The extending of our helping hand to mentally and physically impaired children and also, to mentally and physically abused youngsters. These are children who need our help so badly!

As you know, the fund was named in honor of JIMMY DURANTE. One of the worlds most beloved human beings and an active life member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Jimmy entertained without charge at fourteen consecutive Grand Aerie Conventions and at many other Eagle gatherings until a stroke felled him several years ago. Eagles who had great affection for this gentlest and kindest of men felt it appropriate in 1966 to name their children helping effort for a man who loved all people, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN.

At Jimmy's first appearance at a Grand Aerie Convention in 1961, judge Bob Hansen inquired about his fee for performing. Jimmy replied: "don't even mention money judge or I'll have to mention a figure that'll make ya sorry ya brought it up." What can we do then? asked Hansen. "HELP DA KIDS" answered Jimmy...

The Eagles have already raised over millions, but best of all... EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR of that is at work today making life just a little more worth living for some pretty special little kids who deserve all the love and help we can give them. To help them fit just a little bit better into a world that hasn't seemed too kind to them.

Not a dime of the contributions to the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund or the abused children's project goes to expenses of any kind. One hundred percent of all money is sent to the Children's Fund or Abused Children's Project is used for grants to Child-helping establishments with nothing taken out overhead expenses, campaign costs, salaries, etc.

The unique thing aboiut the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund grants is that nearly dollar-for-dollar all money raised in the state is returned to that state in the form of grants to children-helping organizations of that state's choosing. The selection of the recipients is up to the State Aerie President, with the approval of the State Executive Board. It is stressed, when the grants are made available to the state's, that the Auxiliary be consulted when selections are made. The Auxiliaries have always been the mainstay of the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund and should have a say and a part in the selection and presentation.

The important thing is that because of your generosity, your dedication and your hard work, you are making life at least a little more worth living for some youngsters too many people have forgotten.

That you would be willing to do this for children you have never seen and who will never be able to thank you personnally is might fine proof of how wonderful you people are.

Death took Jimmy Durante over 3 decades ago and the entertainment world lost one of it's most beloved stars. The Eagles lost a friend of long standing. The man who could command astronomical fees came to Eagle conventions to entertain his friends the Eagles for 13 years and at no cost. He always worked as hard as though a lot of money was riding on his performance. All he asked in the way of pay was that we "HELP DA KIDS."

Jimmy Durante will live forever in the world of show business. He will live too forever in the annals of the Fraternal Order of Eagles through the fund named for him and which we will continue to support in honor of his memory.